Justice – †


by Christopher Dorick

LENGTH: 40:31

Quick take: Can a house music group be metal? I’m not really sure if it can… but I can say with confidence that this dynamic disco duo from Paris produced an album in 2007 that is as close to disco metal as anyone has ever come. Welcome to what people thought to be the grand commencement of electronic music in the 21 century, though little did they know it would take a hard right on Skrillex avenue and never be the same again.

 (pronounced: Cross), a remarkably unique debut, peels away from the French rave era and the likes of Daft Punk, Tiesto, and Depeche Mode, subverting expectations of the period’s electronic with a newfound intensity (and touching it up with a felt-tipped pen). At a time when people thought electronic music was at its tipping point, Justice was able to carve out a spot for themselves by cutting a record that was both unapologetically sweet and bracing as all hell, but not without class. If you are on the cusp of listening to †, let me leave you with these parting words: This is probably the best French electronic album ever recorded, second only to Daft Punk’s Homework.

Ad-lib: Justice is on a festival-headlining circuit this summer, and oh my goodness, is the top-to-bottom production nothing short of incredible. If you have a chance to see these guys, do it. Lights. Camera. Disco!

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